The Sparkies

and The Pups

Our enemies will go blind from overexposure to pure awesomeness!

The Sparkies logo


Sparkies are a team of friendly players with a dedication to communication and polytopia. In season games Sparkies are always going for more wins. We have players from many different ages and nationalities and we are all mates here. If you like chess, polytopia, animals and a friendly and fun environment you will like Sparkies.

Team History

One of the first few teams, Sparkies was created before the season 1. Sparkies had a successful first and second season (winning the Playoffs in season 1) before falling badly during season 3. However, Sparkies was rebuilt and rebranded in season 4, and since then they’ve been better than ever, with many of the top players.

The Pups were created in season 5 as PolyChampions minor league expansion to allow more players to join teams. The junior team started off with a decent rating and continued to do well throughout season 6.


1 pro
6 pro