The Reapers

and The Jalapenos

Can you take the heat?

The Reapers logo


The Reapers/Jalapeños are all about community! We take players many teams have counted out and train them into stars with our team training program. At the Reapers, you will just as easily see us researching the statistics behind Polytopia as sharing memes in the meme competition!

Team History

The Reapers are the league’s newest expansion team. Formed by a core of free agents and founded by Polytopia Gaming, KingJuliusthePro, and ChaseDaAce, they were the first team to play only in the junior league. They quickly shocked everyone by reaching the playoffs in their first season and got the respect of the league. The Reapers are now a fully fledged team playing in the senior and junior leagues, and are ready to take the league by storm!


The Reapers have no trophies yet.