The Mallards

and The Drakes

We are active, work as a team, and ensure a respectful environment!

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Playing with the Mallards, you get to have fun and you get to have friends! With these two key factors, we bring our A-Game every season. Our server continues to be a friendly and diverse space to just be 100% yourself. And the more, the merrier!

“To be supported at my lowest, and to be praised at my greatest. That is the feeling I get from being a Mallard, and that’s what I try to give back every day!”

Team History

Formerly known as the Green Team, the Mallards have been a competitive team since Spring of 2018. The Ducks have known many faces of leadership in their time. ReapersTorment the elusive First, with Newt and Mopwop, created the group in the glory days. We had battled for Semi-finalists in Season 4 and grew ranks. ChaseDaAce began to toss the hot potato of leadership in a short period of absence and apathy. Next to player “beshard” then MrDucky. No living Duck can attest to this terrifying time.

The hot potato landed in lordkamfer1’s open palm through nomination in the Summer of 2018, and has held leadership ever since. Mallards enjoyed a period of stability and casual gaming with Lordkamfer at the lead.

The Drakes, our junior team, went from hatchlings to fierce players rather quickly. The team established a reputation of friendly competition (and aggressive propaganda movements). The Mallards, although very lovable, did not threaten the power balance of the league until Flame arrived.

Flame, the fresh and undefeated rookie, turned down a starting spot on the team of the previous season's champions, the Lightning. Without much room to grow in leadership on the Lightning, Flame felt his leadership skills would be better utilized on a struggling team. The Mallards' competitive spirits were low after a devastating 4/16 record to finish out season 6. The Pond severely lacked daily activity and off season training.

With the help of Kamfer, Zorken, CrunchyMango, LordofLightning, and Bozydar, Flame ran a thorough overhaul of The Pond. Visitor channels, training channels, events, and an overall Team culture towards competition. This overhaul came right as Polychamps developed a new drafting system, which allowed Flame, Kamf, and Crunchy to create an A-Tier recruitment team that brought in young and hungry-to-win players.

With a shiny new server, a team culture around winning, a fresh roster, and our secret weapon Zorken (the world’s best teacher), the Mallards were ready to go for season 7. The Mallards were able to finish the season with a positive 11/9 record, only 1 win away from making it into the playoffs, and even defeated the Jets and the Lightning with their triple-threat-team composed of Sshoey, Zorken, and Flame. Overall, season 7 was a huge success and showed that even when things look dark for the ducks, they can always come back.

Gaming intensity was at an all time high with Hipp000 at the helm of Mallards and Drakes Season 8. Hipp000 was an instant drop of skill to the whole team, and set a high standard for player involvement. Like all shining stars, this one burned too bright and too fast. Disaster and scandal surrounded the player, and he was banished forever. Some say his ghosts still haunt the server to this very day.

The Mallards are an active and cooperative team of gamers to date. The legacy continues with Lordkamfer1, Snowstorm, JoshK as the leaders of today! More great stories with this bunch are yet to be told...


The Mallards have no trophies yet.