The Jets

and The Cropdusters

Mature players. Active on Discord. No drama.

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Through the years we've attracted the ever elusive subset of gamers that identify as older and slightly more mature, but everyone is welcome! Our mantra has been the same from the beginning: we like winning, collaboration, and coffee. Once a Jet, always a Jet!

Team History

The Jets have a long history of excellence, winning a title at both the pro and junior levels. The Jets have been a recurring feature of the league playoffs, winning it all in season 2 and making the finals in season 1 and 6. The Cropdusters, our beloved junior team, won it all in season 6. Through our ups and downs the Jets have always remained consistent in one aspect: team strength. We've held multiple positions in the top ranked ELO players and have had power in both the top of our roster and depth throughout our lineup.

The mantle of leadership has passed from Xarxa to Rickdaheals and now to Merlin401.


2 pro
6 junior