The Crawfish

and The Shrimps

Who doesn't like being hard and wet...

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Dedicated players with raw talent and a huge love for the game. Outside of league games they work their grey matter with competitive internal games and chess, kick back with fun badtribes games and chess, and sometimes chat about anime or chess. Half students, half dads, all claw!

Team History

On August 8th, 2018 Crawfish became the 10th team in the Major league after a multi-round server vote on possible teams. It was founded by Hughmungus and “Koric 1v2”, who quickly expanded the team with a vast array of talent. After winning 2 consecutive seasons 17-1 and losing only a single playoff game between the seasons, many of Crawfish's founding members retired or took a step back from the game.

“theShow” became the second leader through an election, cementing Craw's democratic precedent. Crawfish continued to be stripped of its veterans through season 5 and 6 - during which Jprawnz and then Vorce lead the team - but going into s7 their new talent matured to become veterans in their own right, and some older players returned or became more active. With a powerful season 7 performance that gained them second seed going into the playoffs, and their junior Shrimps becoming the dominant minor team, Crawfish is poised to be a perennial top team.


3 pro
4 pro