PolyChampions Teams

Teams are at the core of PolyChampions. Once you graduate from Nova, you'll be able to join the draft, and if you're lucky, you'll be picked by a team. When you're drafted by a team, you'll start in the teams Junior division. If you consistently play and communicate well, you'll eventually be promoted to Pro, the top of the league.

Each team has a unique history and atmosphere. Read more below:

The Bombers

and The Dynamite

The Vikings

and The Valkyries

The Crawfish

and The Shrimps

The Dragons

and The Narwhals

The Reapers

and The Jalapenos

The Jets

and The Cropdusters

The Lightning

and The Pulse

The Mallards

and The Drakes

The Plague

and The Rats

The Ronin

and The Bandits

The Sparkies

and The Pups

The Wildfire

and The Flames